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How effective is Bio oil?

Bio oil is a skin product which claims to reduce scars, skin pigmentation, stretch marks and all other related skin problems. It’s also said to be capable at reducing wrinkles and healing dehydrated skin.

With so much of hype and publicity about Bio oil, you naturally wonder if it actually works at removing stretch marks as it claims. You want to know how and what actually makes the oil work, and you just might find the answers to your queries here through its pros and cons.

Not something new

Whether you believe it or not, Bio oil is not something new. It’s been around since the 1950s when it was sold in Sweden. Its export throughout the world started with the popularity it acquired at eliminating stretch marks.

Before taking a look at its pros and cons, its better taking a look at is ingredients. Bio oil includes ingredients like vitamin A and E which help improve skin appearance and chamomile extract which soothes the skin. Bio oil’s main ingredient is the non-greasy PurCellin oil which keeps the skin soft and helps bind all the ingredients together to facilitate easy absorption.
Pros of Bio oil

One of the greatest advantages of using Bio oil to get rid of marks is that its PurCellin oil makes it stand out amidst all the other skin blemish products. As it is a non-greasy oil, many people prefer applying this oil to other oils. Moreover, this oil is widely available for your easy access, and has lots of positive testimonials from its happy and satisfied customers.


The greatest disadvantage to Bio oil is it’s over exaggerating at being able to treat the skin problems which actually need to undergo surgery to be removed like scars. You can’t expect miracles with Bio oil. It takes time to gradually reduce the marks of scars; so if you are impatient and want an overnight scar removal, surgery is a better option.

The vitamin A that exists in Bio oil may cause some problems in some people. Moreover the mineral water found in Bio oil can clog skin pores, and in the process, end up aggravating any existing skin conditions like acne.

Last, but not least, the greatest disadvantage of Bio oil is that it does not have any official website. Of course, this can be termed a big disadvantage depending on how important you may consider a website to be. If you are like the many people who use, and believe in Bio oil despite it not having a website, this should’ actually be a disadvantage!

So basically, the pros and cons of Bio oil depend on the way you look at things, and what you expect from the oil. If you expect overnight miracles, Bio oil is not for you. However if you have patience and a belief in the oil, its regular use can help remove scars and stretch marks.