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Non Surgical Neck Lift for a Younger Looking Skin

I was surprised to learn that besides the cosmetic surgery neck lift I had mentioned earlier, it is possible to get a neck lift without surgery. This is possible through a non-surgical neck lift where the skin around your jaw line is tightened and wrinkles and scars reduced with the help of radio frequency energy.


Before the non-surgical neck lift, the doctor will first give you an oral pain killer and then apply some topical pain medication to the areas he works on. It is only when the area gets numb that he starts the neck lift.

The radio frequency waves used for the non-surgical neck lift come from a radio frequency device having a small tip that heats collagen in your face. This leads to contraction of collagen and in turn, skin tightening. It also encourages the production of collagen, which helps give younger looking skin. A pulse of this machine is treated over each area to be treated, and lasts two to seven seconds.

Most people don’t experience any pain during the neck lift; however depending on the pain endurance levels of some people and the amount of pain medication given, there may be a mild stinging sensation or even pain.

A non-surgical neck lift usually spans about two hours from its preparation phase to completion phase. Depending on the amount of pain medication you receive, you may need to have someone drive you home after the neck lift.

Side effects

There may be some redness on your neck that fades by the end of the day. Swelling however may last for a week. There are fewer risks associated with a non-surgical neck lift. Though burns are possible, it can be avoided if you have an experienced practitioner do your neck lift for you.

The only side effect associated with a non-surgical neck lift is a tingling or burning sensation and soreness in the treated areas for a few days to a few weeks after the process. However this is temporary, and does not lead to anything complicating.

You may not find much immediate improvement from a non-surgical neck lift; results are usually seen within a month. However there will be improvements in your appearance for up to six months, and these improvements last for five to ten years.

Then again, if you are not that keen on undergoing even a non-surgical neck lift to look younger, you can always use LifeCell to help get rid of wrinkles. The excitement of all this information I’d gained through my research has made me forget to mention that for those of you who don’t want to undergo any form of surgery to look younger, with some patience and regular use, you can look considerably younger with the help of LifeCell anti wrinkle cream.