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A Brow Lift to get Rid of Forehead Wrinkles

Now that I found out what I wanted to know about neck lifts, I decided to pursue the topic of considering a brow lift or a forehead lift for wrinkle reduction. As the name suggests, this is a surgery used for enhancing the appearance of sagging eyebrows, frown lines and deep forehead creases.

Like any surgery, the surgeon will carry out a physical examination of the facial structure of the patient and explain the pros and cons of the procedure before performing it. Brow lifts are generally safe; however just like any surgery, there are rare cases of complications.

The procedure

In a brow lift, the surgeon makes incisions in the hairline area, forehead or on eyelids, as per the patient’s wrinkle removal requirements. Next, the skin and corresponding muscles are lifted to give a more youthful appearance to the patient after which the incisions are closed using sutures or stitches.

Brow lifts are usually carried out on an outpatient setting which may be in a hospital, private clinic or surgical center. Though patients can resume normal activities after the surgery, they should avoid lifting or stooping till the next doctor visit.

The patient will be prescribed some over the counter pain medication like anti-inflammatory analgesics for pain relief. If the pain is intense, the doctor will prescribe some stronger painkillers.

Risks and complications

Complications that may arise from a brow lift include excessive bleeding under the skin called hematoma or some allergic reaction from the anesthesia. Sometimes, there may be injury or damage to facial structures; but this is very
rare and usually temporary. There may be some swelling and bruising at the site, which is temporary and fades off after a few weeks’ time.

If at all there are some signs of infection like fever, an increase of pain or drainage from the surgery site, the doctor should be informed immediately. With the right medical evaluation and treatment, it is possible to treat post operative infections.

However if you ask me, no matter how safe a brow lift may seem to others, even though I don’t actually like wearing creams, a better option for wrinkle removal would be to use LifeCell on a continuous basis. There are no risks associated with using LifeCell, and you need not undergo so much pain, hospitalization or rest to get rid of wrinkles.