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About Me

My name is Monica, and I am a "normal" "middle aged" "woman" leading a normal middle aged life. Actually, I was quite happy till a few years back, when one day while was brushing my teeth; I noticed crow's feet near my eyes!

I was really horrified with this as I knew this was a sign of aging, and that crow's feet would lead to horrifying wrinkles. This was a wake up call for me, which prompted me to carry out some research about wrinkles to find out if it was possible to at least control these wrinkles using the help of creams.

I had no intention at all of letting these wrinkles take over both my social and work life. This is when I started using the internet to read up as much as I could on the topic of wrinkles, and was astonished to learn that wrinkles have always been misunderstood! I learnt that the lines we see on our faces are not 'actual wrinkles'.

I learnt that wrinkles are not actually visible to the human eyes. What we see and think are wrinkles are actually shadows of wrinkles! This made me develop a completely new approach and thinking about treating wrinkles.

I realized that though we have wrinkles, it is not the wrinkles that we have to worry about. I learnt that what we had to do was find a cream that would help me immediately reduce the shadows of wrinkles. LifeCell was the cream for me. It is slightly expensive if you compare it to a lotion, but compare it to surgeries, face lifts, plastic surgeries, and Botox, and it is a run for the money. Very effective in hiding wrinkles.

This prompted me into carrying out a second and different approach for looking for a feasible wrinkle treatment option.

What I found great about all the products discussed on my blog (specially LifeCell) is that these treatments and options really do have something to offer for a healthy skin routine. After learning so much about wrinkles, I thought I'd start this blog and from creams to skin treatments, whatever I researched and found, I put together here on my blog to share with all the other women looking for help with their skin issues and wrinkles. This way not only do I get to share my findings and get to talk about wrinkles, aging, etc, I also keep myself busy and pay my bills!

Using some of the treatments, no longer do I have any crow's feet or lines visible on my face. In fact, looking at my skin, most people think that me and my daughter are sisters!

I hope you find this information useful. I will try my best to stay on top of the ever advancing world of beauty and skincare.