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Tips for choosing creams for diamond dermabrasion

Tips for choosing creams for diamond dermabrasion
A new treatment used for treating dull and acne prone skin is the procedure microdermabrasion where a light form of abrasion gently but firmly exfoliates the skin.

Based on the skin type, minute particles or crystals of various organic or inorganic substances are used for exfoliation. Diamond microdermabrasion is a variation of the concept where the inorganic or organic substance is replaced with an abrasive diamond stick lodged in the machine’s wand.

Diamond dermabrasion is much easier to perform and is considered better than ordinary microdermabrasion treatments. Diamond dermabrasion is not only better for the skin, it easily works on the skin around the eyes as there is no worry of any crystals entering the eyes or getting lodged or ingested in wrong places.

How the cream works

Creams for diamond microdermabrasion constitute a very important part of the dermabrasion procedure. These creams contain various types of crystals like aluminum oxide crystals, silica crystals and pearl face powder that enter and rejuvenate your skin.

The creams slowly remove the damaged and dead skin cells, extra oil and dirt while polishing the outer facial and body skin layer. These creams generally contain regenerating serum and micro crystals that give you a fair touch.

Some creams which are especially beneficial to use during a diamond dermabrasion contain natural extracts, anti-inflammatory components and antioxidants that are specially designed for use on sensitive and hygiene skin types.

Choosing the right cream

It is important you choose the right cream for diamond dermabrasion to give you fresh, smooth and glowing skin with minimal irritation. So look for creams with aluminum oxide, sodium chloride, magnesium oxide or sodium bicarbonate. Those suffering from acne should especially look for creams with aluminum oxide in the formula as aluminum oxide is antibacterial in nature.

Creams containing shea butter and cucumber extract are always a better choice as these ingredients soothe the skin and act as anti-inflammatory. Even creams with vitamins essential for skin rejuvenation like vitamins A, C and E promote new and healthy skin growth. However avoid creams with vitamin K as they irritate freshly abraded skin.

Always read the instructions on the cream package, and choose a cream that can be used at comfortable intervals. While some creams can be used every few days, some can be used only once a week.

It is essential that you also buy supplementary toners or creams like moisturizers or sun screens to apply on the skin both before and after applying the diamond dermabrasion cream.

If possible, buy items that are specially formulated to work with your specific branded diamond dermabrasion cream as other creams may trigger some irritation or discomfort after the treatment.