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Face-Lift for Men

After reading so much about face lifts, I started wondering if men too could undergo a face lift. This is when I stumbled upon this cosmetic surgery for men, a male face lift. This is a surgery that is used to reduce the signs of aging in men.

Middle aged men usually experience loss of skin elasticity in the cheek region, jawline and neck, that leads to wrinkles and sagging skin. If done by an experienced plastic surgeon, a male face lift helps give the man’s face a more youthful and vibrant appearance.

Men age with overexposure to the sun, physical stress, natural aging and poor diet. Basically, a healthy male who has no major health problems is best qualified for a male face lift surgery.

The procedure

A male and female face lift are quite similar. It is only because a man’s hairline differs from a woman’s hairline that concealing its surgery scars can be difficult. During the face lift, excess facial skin that forms fatty tissue is removed making incisions, after which the incisions are sutured or stitched up.

If the patient or surgeon thinks that more than one area is to be targeted, male facial rejuvenation can be difficult. Moreover, like any surgery, a male face lift has its share of complications and risks.

Possible complications

There is a rare chance of post-operative infection if the patient does not follow the doctor’s after care instructions. Sometimes, a blood clot and in rare cases, facial paralysis may occur. As a man’s skin is thicker than a woman’s skin, there is also an increased risk and chance of bleeding after the surgery.

So like any other surgical procedure, men thinking of undergoing cosmetic surgery have to consult specialists before undergoing it. The surgeon will explain its costs, procedures, post-operative care and associated risks to the patient so that he can make the final decision about undergoing a male face lift.