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When to apply moist Hemp Body Moisturizer

When to apply moist Hemp Body Moisturizer

Dry skin can look ugly as it leads to cracks and rough skin. Every part of your body can go dry if it is not maintained and moistened well using a good moisturizer. No matter how irritating you may find it to apply moisturizers, it is always better to maintain a regular regime of applying moist hemp body moisturizer to your body.

In fact, to reap the best effects of these moisturizers, it is important that you not only apply it consistently, you should apply the right product at the right time. Without constant application of moisturizers, your skin cells only go dry and your skin no longer looks or feels healthy.

High quality products are the best for your skin as they thoroughly moisture your skin without making it look or feel any greasy. Here are some tips for applying your moist hemp body moisturizer.

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Apply on moist skin

Make it a point to apply your body lotion only to moist skin, and not dry skin. You may find this rather irrational as you think that it is better to apply the lotion on dry skin. However lotions generally work better on moist skin as it locks in the moisture and quickly moistens your skin. In other words, you help the moisturizer by starting off with damp skin.

Thus the best time to apply a moisturizing lotion would be right after you get out of a shower or bath, when your skin helps retain maximum moisture. This is when your skin pores remain open for a few minutes after the warm shower. For better effects, don’t run your towel over your skin after your shower; press it lightly on the skin so that you skin has a bit of water.

Rub till you don’t feel its moisture

While applying your moist hemp body moisturizer, make sure you place a generous amount in your hands. Then rub your hands together and gently apply the moisturizer over the surface of your skin from your toes to your neck.

You have to rub in the lotion till it is evenly distributed throughout your body, and you don’t actually feel much of its moisture. This is when most of the moisture of the moisturizer gets absorbed into your skin pores and not onto your hands. You can repeat if necessary, for better results and better moistened skin.

Now that you know how you should apply your moisturizer, you will definitely have softer skin with the prolonged and continuous use of your moist hemp body moisturizer.

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