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3 Top Home Remedies for Dry Baby Skin Patches

So soft is your baby’s skin that it’s difficult to imagine it can actually grow dry. However it is this delicacy of their skin which makes it more susceptible to dryness than an adult. This is why you may find dry skin patches on your baby skin during the cold winter and summer heat, and because of air-conditioning, indoor heating, the chlorine of swimming pool and even salt water.

Don’t worry, it’s equally easy and possible to treat this dry skin to give you the soft baby skin you were used to!

1. Reduce the baby’s bath time

As water strips the skin of its natural oils, you can treat the dry skin patches on your baby’s skin by minimizing bath time to only a few minutes. Don’t use hot water. Use warm water and a fragrance and soap-free cleanser to wash your baby’s face.

2. Moisturizers help

Make it a habit to pat your baby’s skin as soon as she’s out of the water, and quickly apply some moisturizer to her dry skin patches to seal in the water’s moistures. The best moisturizers for your baby’s skin are aloe Vera and petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly effectively locks in moisture and rehydrates the skin. Just apply a thin layer to your baby’s dry skin patches after washing and gently pat drying. Left on, petroleum jelly will work its magic.

The natural moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties of aloe Vera gel also helps rehydrate your baby’s dry skin patches. Apply just like petroleum jelly and repeat the process twice a day or as frequently as required.

3. Oats does more than fill your stomach

Oats is not only a diet food, but is also known for its soothing properties. It’s been used for treating eczema and other dry skin conditions for centuries. So applying an oatmeal face wash helps treat your baby’s dry skin.

Make the face wash by powdering a cup of rolled oats and adding it to a basin of warm water. Mix till the water turns milky and soak a clean face cloth in the water. Place the cloth on your baby’s dry skin patches while avoiding her eyes, nose and mouth.

Additional care

Take extreme care to minimize the pain and discomfort of dry patches and trim her nails to prevent any possible scratching of dry patches. Avoid using lotions and moisturizers containing alcohol or clothes made from rough materials which may irritate your baby’s skin. Maintain your baby’s room temperature at no higher than 65 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent any overheating and exacerbating of the dry skin.