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What makes Retinol Night Cream a great anti-aging product

Why Retinol Night Cream is a great anti-aging product

No one likes to look old, and everyone is looking for help and tricks to fight the aging process. So naturally, you will wonder how it’s possible to fight the aging process all day, even when you sleep at night.

Well, it is now possible to reverse aging signs 24/7 just by applying day cream during the day, and a good night cream like Retinol night cream before sleeping. Generally, these night creams contain the same anti-aging active ingredients found in day creams. The only difference is that it contains additional ingredients that deeply penetrate your skin, and because of the following factors.

1. The best creams are made incorporating the latest in cell rejuvenation technology or rather; the latest active ingredients which help fight the three main causes of aging while promoting new skin cell growth.

As the three main causes of aging are loss of hyaluronic acid and collagen and free radical damage, creams with ingredients like functional keratin, coenzyme Q10 and wakame prove helpful at combating these signs of aging.

2. Good night creams should be natural like the other skin care products you use as natural ingredients deeply penetrate your skin. Just make sure the cream is safe to use as when you rub it into your skin, it’s absorbed and enters your bloodstream, implying that you are actually eating the cream.

3. Avoid night creams with fragrances as good creams only have a faint smell of vegetable oil. Creams add fragrances usually to cover up the unpleasant smell emitted by cheap or rancid ingredients, and are thus rather toxic themselves.

4. Choose night creams with active ingredients like active manuka honey, avocado extract and shea butter as they penetrate your skin more deeply than a day cream.

While manuka honey prevents loss of collagen and renews skin cells, both avocado and shea butter are great natural moisturizers.

5. Look for night creams that are compatible with all skin types and climates like Retinol Night Cream. The benefit of these creams is that both women with oily and dry skin can use it without worrying about the cream leaving their skin greasy or dry respectively. These creams contain natural moisturizers that deeply hydrate your skin and balance sebum so that your skin does not feel too oily or dry.

So it is because Revitol night cream contains all these ingredients and benefits that it is rather a popular night cream in the market today.

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