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Non-invasive Treatments for Wrinkle Reduction

Wow! After learning so much about the cause and types of wrinkles you and I can suffer from, I naturally started looking for the various treatment options available to reduce and eliminate wrinkles.

I thus found out that there are two types of wrinkle treatment options available, invasive and non-invasive forms. So let’s discuss the non-invasive forms of wrinkle treatment first, which include regular use of topical and anti-aging creams and botox injections.

The easiest method of wrinkle removal is with anti-wrinkle creams as they have ingredients that help to naturally dehydrate and moisturize the skin. Once moisture that is lost due to aging is replenished, the skin tone improves to smoothen minor wrinkles and make deep wrinkles less noticeable.

You have to wear these creams everyday, or at a minimum of three to four times a week to maintain its results. Moreover, when compared to other wrinkle removal options, creams are relatively inexpensive and don’t give any side effects.

The creams that have hydroxyl acids help in exfoliating skin with the removal of dead skin cells, so that they can be replaced by healthy cells. Antioxidant creams that have Vitamin A and alpha lipoic acids provide the best defense against free radicals that can damage your skin.

You could also apply natural oils like Vitamin E to you face to keep your skin supple and reduce formation of wrinkles. Regular use of avocado oil helps increase the collagen in your skin.

I feel that instead of applying individual moisturizers, anti-aging creams and natural oils like Vitamin E and avocado oil, a better option would be to use LifeCell, which gives all the effects these creams and oils give together. You not only save in money, but you also save time in having to apply only one cream everyday!

However if you are not a person who can give so much of attention to your skin by applying anti-wrinkle creams, you could consider using botox injections to look younger. Botox and collagen injections help in the smoothening of the skin and minimize wrinkles.

They are injected into the muscles under and surrounding wrinkles to paralyze the muscles. This prevents more wrinkles from occurring and reduces the appearance of existing wrinkles.

All you need is a few minutes for the injection, after which you can go to work or return to whatever you were doing. While injections are relatively painless, there is always a chance of side effects like an infection, swelling and redness.

Usually the effects of these injections last for a few months before they have to be repeated. However, I learnt that there are cases of patients losing control of their facial muscles with repeated botox treatments.