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10 interesting facts about Microdermabrasion

Here is a compilation of some questions, and facts I found interesting while conducting my research on using microdermabrasion for wrinkle removal. I feel that most of the doubts, apprehensions and questions you have about using microdermabrasion should be answered here.

1. It is safe for young people to undergo a microdermabrasion. However doctors generally advise it only for patients above 14 years. This is to ensure that all major hormonal changes take place in the patient’s body, and that the results of microdermabrasion are as good as they should be.

2. Basically, AHAs are light chemical peels that help in removing the uppermost skin layer, like microdermabrasion does. Both light chemical peels and microdermabrasion are non-invasive wrinkle removal procedures that can be done at home using the right consumer kit. Neither wrinkle removal option has any risks or side effects. They also help reduce superficial scars and wrinkles.

3. It is possible to use at-home microdermabrasion creams on your neck for wrinkle removal, if the cream a formulated facial microderm product. If you use a body microdermabrasion kit on your neck, it may be too harsh for your neck, and may also give some irritation. You could however use office microdermabrasion on the neck.

4. It is not advised to undergo microdermabrasion to remove wrinkles when pregnant. It’s better to wait for your delivery, and to complete your nursing before you consider microdermabrasion.

The reason is your skin is more sensitive during pregnancy and nursing and the hormone changes in your body may reduce the effectiveness of the procedure. So undergoing microdermabrasion now may lead to severe irritation and scarring.

5. It is also not advised to use microdermabrasion for wrinkle removal if you are taking Accutane or Isotretinoin. This is because Accutane reduces the oil in the skin’s sebaceous glands and thus, thus slows down the recovery period after body and facial exfoliation. Moreover, undergoing both self kits and doctor performed microdermabrasion while on Accutane can lead to permanent scarring.

6. No matter what the color of your skin is, microdermabrasion can be used for wrinkle removal. This is because the procedure only sandblasts the outermost layer of dead cells, without causing any scarring or severe irritation.

7. Besides wrinkles, any superficial red marks you may have on your skin can be removed by microdermabrasion. However you may need a more invasive procedure to get rid of deeper red marks like laser skin resurfacing and deep chemical peels.

8. Both at-home and surgeon performed microdermabrasion is not safe or good to use on eye lids. This may lead to irritation or scarring as eyelids are too thin, and can get damaged.

9. While superficial pimple scars can be removed using microdermabrasion, deep pimple scarring needs more invasive techniques like laser facial resurfacing and deep chemical peeling.

10. If you are thinking of using microdermabrasion on your feet, use a body formulated microderm abrasion tool. You will not get the desired results with a face microdermabrasion kit as it is too mild for your feet. Even office microabrasion is not good for the feet as the skin here is too thin.

I think that with all this information provided here, most doubts and queries about microdermabrasion should be answered and cleared.