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Laser Hair Removal Types and Expectations

Before you have a laser procedure to remove hair from your body, you should be aware that there's more than one type of laser out there that is designed for that purpose. That's part of the reason why people sometimes have mixed results when they undergo hair removal procedures. So, let's have a look at some laser hair removal types and expectations.

A Basic Treatment That You Could Try

Intense pulsed light treatments, or IPL treatments for short, are perhaps the most basic of laser treatments designed to get rid of body hair. In fact, there are in-home IPL devices that you can purchase, if you want to. However, you will never get results from a home kit that are as good as the results you would get in an actual clinic session because clinic IPL lasers are designed to provide more Despite IPL lasers in clinics being stronger than those that are designed for private use, they still aren't the best choice if you have a lot of unwanted hair to get rid of. If you have a dark skin tone, you may find that they don't work well at all. Also, even if your skin has a lighter color, you will have to go to the clinic for multiple ongoing treatments. The hair won't all go away in one session.

Trying a Stronger Hair Removal Treatment

YAG laser treatment is much stronger than IPL treatment. YAG lasers can even treat people with any skin color. One of the problems that people with darker skin pigmentation can have when they undergo laser treatment is that most lasers target melanin, which controls skin color. That can lead to having too much or not enough pigmentation in certain areas, otherwise known as blotchy skin. YAG lasers are unlike those other lasers because they don't have the same impact on melanin. So, they can remove hair from your body without you having to worry about changes in your skin color.

Finding a true YAG laser is not always as easy as you might expect. Some clinics call their machines

YAG lasers, but they really aren't. Many of them are more comparable to IPL. So, if you are interested in a YAG procedure, you should be extra careful to verify the type of laser that your chosen clinic will offer.

You can find a reputable YAG laser clinic by asking friends who had successful procedures. You can also ask your dermatologist or regular doctor for their advice. In either case, don't take the advice at face value. You should still verify their information by doing your own research until you feel at ease .

Have Realistic Expectations About the Process

The process of removing hair is going to take some time. A single appointment might be short, but you will have to go back for multiple appointments. Luckily, the treatments are almost painless. Also, the side effects are usually so minimal that you might barely notice them. So, your daily life shouldn't be interrupted for more than a couple hours.