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How to prevent and get rid of dehydrated skin in men

Though men don’t like spending too much time pampering themselves, there’s nothing much they can do if their skin gets dehydrated. Whether you like it or not, you need to attend to your dehydrated skin, a very common men’s skin problem.

As its redness, flakiness and tightness can affect your skin’s appearance, use these tips to restore your skin’s moisture levels and prevent your skin from dehydrating.

1. Make it a habit to apply some face and body moisturizer at least once a day. Effects are faster and better if you choose and use products which contain dermatological-grade hyper moisturizers like hyaluronic acid, which increases your skin’s elasticity and helps balance its moisture levels to give you healthy-looking skin. It’s important you apply some moisturizer everyday as everyday stresses like weather can dry your skin.

2. Similarly, you need to apply a hydrating face mask at least once a week to manage dehydrated skin by absorbing impurities which clog pores and trigger acne attacks. These face masks usually contain ingredients which help infuse your skin with antioxidants to help ward off dehydration.

3. Apply a retinol-based anti-aging cream to your skin every day to support the production of collagen and elastin. As dehydrated skin tightens, these creams help improve skin texture while restoring your skin’s natural look.

4. Though you may love a hot shower, make it an occasional affair. Instead, it’s better if you take lukewarm or cold water showers as hot water can dry your skin and aggravate irritation and dryness. So limit your hot water showers to help retain your skin moisture and instead of those mass-market soaps, it’s better for your skin if you use a high-quality liquid cleanser.

5. As weather can take its toll on your skin, it’s better if you protect your skin from the elements instead of your skin falling prey to weather conditions. Wear a broad-spectrum sunblock if you live somewhere hot and humid to reduce the risks of sunburn, age spots and other related skin problems. Those living in colder climates should layer up their skin to prevent it from drying out.

6. Water. As the chances of your skin dehydrating are higher if it does not get sufficient water from your diet, make it a point to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. It’s even better if you can drink 11-13 glasses of water, and include fruits and vegetables to keep your skin moisturized.

These 6 tips are more than enough to prevent and get rid of any ‘manly’ dehydrated skin you may have!