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5 Top Dry Skin Remedies You Should Know

Having dry skin is not only unsightly, it is also irritating. Your skin grows rough and scaly, and may even start itching. To top it, it’s usually your arms, legs, back or waist which gets dry skin first, because you tend to forget these areas while moisturizing your hands and face. Some people’s skin get so dry that they draw blood just scratching the skin to give an itchy patch which gets infected and leaves a permanent scar.

The best way to prevent dry skin is to use moisturizers, especially those with alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA) derived from milk, sugarcane or fruit. Moisturizers with AHA are a better choice as they not only trap moisture in your skin, but do it only after removing dead, crusty, dry and scaly skin.

While different products work differently, generally, the thicker the moisturizer, the better it’s results. However thought there are so many products you can apply to moisturize you skin to control dry skin, here are some golden remedies which still work.

1. Drinking milk has its health benefits. Along with it, milk can also help treat your dry skin. If you have chronic dry skin and are continuously disturbed by it, then just pour some cold milk into a bowl or basin and dip a washcloth or piece of gauze in it.

Then apply to your skin for 5 minutes and you find it gives a soothing and healing effect. This is attributed to milk’s anti-inflammatory properties which takes the itch away and stop the continuous itch-scratch cycle.

2. A thick and heavy moisturizer is always better for itchy and dry skin as the watery and scented lotions are practically useless on dry skin. The least expensive thick cream or emollient you could use for dry skin is petroleum jelly.

In fact, it may be a bit too thick and greasy for some women. Don’t fret; you just have to warm it up in your hands first and then spread it. And if you find it a bit messy to use, just use it at nights, while in bed.

3. Try the overnight cure where you will wake up with a marked difference in your dry skin. You just have to soak yourself in a lukewarm tub till your fingers shrivel up like prunes. This indicates your skin is fully hydrated, when you need to get out of the tub and pat yourself semi-dry.

Then apply a layer of oil, even Crisco shortening is enough as its solid and a thick layer can be easily slathered on. Then go to bed wearing your pajamas; as it can get messy use old sheets and pajamas! This is best done when your skin’s very dry, and you will feel lots of difference.

4. It’s always better moisturizing when you are damp and your skin, plump with moisture, after a bath or shower. As moisturizers are formulated to lock in moisture so that it doesn’t evaporate, its effects are better on your skin.

5. Try super sealing up the super-dry spots like your heels, hands and elbows with grease. Then wear gloves over your greased-up hands, socks on your cracked heels and a long-sleeved pajama top or t-shirt on your chapped elbows before going to bed.

Of course, while these 5 home remedies work most of the time, you need to see a dermatologist if they don’t work. It’s especially important if your dry skin bleeds or starts growing very scaly.