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Bio oil helps prevent wrinkles

Wrinkles are a natural part of aging which grows more in prominence as your skin loses its elasticity. As wrinkles look distressing, you may want to minimize them and one way you can do it is with bio oil, an over-the-counter product with many anti-aging and skin renewal benefits. Of course, no product can help your wrinkles benefit. It’s just that products like Bio Oil help make them less noticeable.

The oil is a blend of vitamins and oils like calendula, lavender, rosemary and chamomile oils and vitamins A and E. the oil is formulated without any preservatives as it has no water, which causes fungi and bacteria to thrive.

Regular use of bio oil helps make your skin smoother and even in tone to make your wrinkles look less noticeable. Its vitamin A makes your face softer and suppler while vitamin E is an antioxidant which blocks the environmental damage which degrades aging skin to make the wrinkles look worse. Its essential oils help condition the skin while improving its overall appearance and health.
How to use
You first need to wash your skin twice a day using tepid water and a moisturizing cleanser. Then rinse off the product and after thoroughly drying your face, apply Bio Oil all over your face and neck. Bio Oil is preferably applied before a moisturizer so that its ingredients penetrate your skin.

In fact, Bio Oil is usually enough to keep your skin hydrated without any additional moisturizer. However as it does not have any sunscreen, its better applying a broad spectrum sunscreen after your skin absorbs the oil.

How it works

Your skin cannot block the harmful environmental factors and pollutants when dried out. Regular use of Bio Oil hydrates your skin barriers to plump up your skin cells. In fact, according to Mayo Clinic, wrinkles are not so obvious on moisturized skin. Moreover, even if you don’t have wrinkles, you can use Bio Oil to keep your skin nourished, and prevent premature lines and wrinkles from forming.


The ingredients in Bio Oil are relatively safe, and don’t actually aggravate the skin. However the manufacturer states that if there are any adverse reactions like a rash or burning sensation, it’s better to stop using the oil. It’s also better if you consult your doctor before you start applying Bio Oil and other cosmetic products.