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4 Myths about using eye cream debunked

Eye creams are developed to help remove aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines, dryness, puffiness and black hollow circles under the eyes. Though expensive, many use it as it helps improve your under eyes, is a great moisturizer and can help remove blackness in a few days’ time. However there are many who are also apprehensive about using eye creams because of some myths; and so here is an attempt at debunking some myths about eye cream usage.

Myth 1: You need to start using eye creams at 25.

Fact: Generally, the skin texture and consistency gradually reduces at the age of 25 or earlier in some people. This is due to the skin’s exposure to risk factors like insufficient water, sleep and healthy food and exposure to pollution or chemical elements. However even those who are not exposed to these factors can use eye creams for maintenance and preventive measures from the age of 25.

Myth 2: You make your skin dependent instead of naturally adaptive by using eye creams.

Fact: This is a dodgy question as unlike medicine, the ingredients of eye creams are usually similar to the nutrients in your body. So your body is not dependent on foreign ingredients. It usually contains ingredients like hyaluronic acid which brings back skin elasticity to erase eye wrinkles, vitamin C which enhances healing and vitamin K which prevents bruising and further darkening of under eyes. With eye creams supplying more amounts of these nutrients, rejuvenation is faster.

Myth 3: Eye creams can cure dark circles, crow’s feet and eye wrinkles.

Fact: Not only eye creams, all beauty products are not curative in purpose. So dark circles under eyes, crow’s feet and wrinkles do not disappear forever with eye creams. They just prevent the acceleration of aging lines and not stop them entirely. While there is a temporary remedy in cosmetic surgery, no advanced technology can cure or stop the aging process as yet.

Myth 4: Eye creams are to be used only at night.

Fact: This is both true and false as there are three types of eye creams available. Day creams are to be applied in the morning, night eye creams at night and general eye creams can be worn either at night or day as it’s also a moisturizer. Night creams have to be used at night as some of its ingredients are sensitive to the sun and more potent during the skin’s dormant phase when you sleep.

With these 4 myths dispelled, you now know why it’s better including an eye cream in your everyday skin care routine!