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How to take care of combination skin

Combination skin is a skin which is a mixture of dry and oily skin. People with combination skin notice more oil on their forehead, nose and chin area while other parts may be dry or normal in different people.

The best way to identify combination skin is by placing a tissue on your skin. If it has an oily ‘T’-zone of your forehead, nose and chin, you have combination skin. Its better doing this test an hour or two after washing your face, before you apply any makeup.

Why combination skin

Different people have different reasons for combination skin like hormones, hereditary, etc. However it’s nothing to worry about, and you can use these tips to take care of your skin and some issues related to it. The tips will also help prevent the issues from occurring again.

How to treat combination skin

• You need to stop using soaps as soaps dry your skin and can dry and irritate your skin to aggravate skin problems. Instead, use a gentle cleanser for your skin type or a natural cleanser like honey or milk.

• Follow the CTM routine of Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing for flawless skin as it clears out your skin tone and prevents future skin problems.

• Toners are a must for everyone, especially those with combination to oily skin as it helps balance the skin by removing cleanser traces and shrinking open pores.

• Regular use of a moisturizer is a must as it moisturizes the dry areas while mattifying the oily areas. Gel-based or gel-cream moisturizer works best.

• Don’t forget the sunscreen as it protects your skin while going out. Just ensure you check and make sure it suits your skin type.

• Always use a gentle cleanser to remove makeup before sleeping and don’t sleep with your makeup on for the entire night.

• A night cream gives added benefits of repairing and moisturizing your skin. It absorbs the vitamins in the night cream to give you glowing skin in the morning and is an anti-ageing tool.

• Get rid of whiteheads, blackheads and dead skin cells with regular exfoliation as it stimulates blood circulation while polishing the skin. Exfoliation also opens skin pores to help your skin breathe and easily absorb the benefits of CTM, masks, face masks and night creams.

• Though readymade face packs are easy to use, it’s better using a homemade one twice a week. Its natural ingredients help improve your skin health and usually give better results than commercial ones.

• Avoid touching your face as hands carry lots of germs. Also no squeezing or picking of pores as it only enlarges the size of open pores wherein oil glands secrete more oil to lead to more skin problems.

While these tips will help anyone with combination skin, it’s better to locate the cause of your problem and treat it accordingly. Follow a balanced diet consisting of vegetables, leafy vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish, cereals, fish, milk products and drink lots of water or juices or soups. Regular exercise is important as a healthy body gives healthy skin. If not the gym, at least go for a brisk walk.