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Does oily skin need a moisturizer?

You have oily skin and so you think, and you don’t waste your money on moisturizers. However though you may think you are doing the right thing by doing this, it isn’t. This is because there are more benefits to your using a daily moisturizer on your oily skin than your not doing so! Read on to learn more about these benefits of using a moisturizer on oily skin.

Your skin needs the added moisture

Even though you may think that your oily skin doesn’t need any more lubrication, your oily skin actually does benefit by using a daily moisturizer. As long as you use the right product, you need not worry about the moisturizer leaving your skin feeling greasy and looking shinier than normal.

This is because you need to use moisturizers to increase the water content in your skin, and not to increase its oil content. These moisturizers help by slowing down the skin’s water evaporation, so as to keep your skin hydrated all the time.

In other words, regular use of a moisturizers helps reduce the moisture loss from your skin and in the process, increases the water content of the epidermis. This is because moisturizers don’t just moisturize your skin but also form a protective skin barrier to give your skin a smooth and soft feel all the time.

Moisturizers prevent the drying out of acne treatments

If you use acne treatments like Retin-A and benzoyl peroxide, wearing a moisturizer helps prevent acne treatments from drying out your skin. This is important as you can never underestimate the drying effects of these acne treatments.

They are so effective that they can quickly turn your shiny oily skin to an uncomfortably dry and peeling skin. So using a daily moisturizer helps ease these side effects of acne medication.

Moisturizers are not always greasy or heavy

While most moisturizers are on the greasy side, there are many products meant specifically for use on oily skin. These moisturizers are light, fast absorbing and don’t leave your skin feeling oily.

All this shows that no matter if you have oily skin, it’s always better for your skin if you have a habit of moisturizing it. Just make sure you read the ingredient label, and ask your dermatologist for help at choosing the right moisturizer. Through trial and error, you will soon be able to find the perfect product for yourself