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Dehydrated skin treatment options

Dry skin is a skin problem many people suffer from. There are various reasons to your developing dry skin including genetics wherein you need to learn how to deal with all the condition. There are also various treatment options for dehydrated skin which range from quick and temporary fixes to longer-term remedies which help correct your skin health.

Gentle skin cleansers

Using only gentle skin cleansers help as the chemicals in normal skin cleaners can drain your skin of its water and nutrients. Avoid strong gentle cleansers and use soaps and creams which have added moisturizers.

You can also use soaps with added oils and fat as it prevents harsh skin treatment. However avoid deodorant detergents and antibacterial products as they are all harsh on your skin. If you notice that your skin seems to be tight or dryer after using something new, it may be just that the product is draining your skin of its required nutrients.

Short shower times

Though showers may seem to provide a good hydrating treatment, they only end up stripping oils from your skin and dehydrates the skin. This is even more obvious if the shower water is really hot or if you take a shower for a long time. It’s easy restoring your health and taking care of dehydrated skin; just stop these habits. At least restore your shower time to only 15 minutes and use warm or lukewarm water for your shower.

Moisturizing after showier

For best effects and results, apply moisturizers immediately after your shower. This helps lock in moisture and provide your skin with the required oils, especially the oils striped away in the shower. It’s suggested to blot or pat your skin dry so that a thin layer of moisture remains on your skin. Then apply moisturizer on the preferably wet skin to get best results.

Use a humidifier

If you want to avoid outdoor hazards on your skin by remaining indoors, you need to know that the dry air in your house can also create havoc to your skin. This is because of the low humidity in the home’s air which can be rectified by buying a humidifier for your home. It makes the environment friendlier to dry skin but make sure you keep the humidifier clean to prevent the dispersion of mold and fungi in the air.

Try these dehydrated skin treatments and you will see a marked improvement in your skin condition!