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9 ways to use Bio oil in your skin care regimen

Every woman and girl yearns for flawless and radiant skin and while looking for it, end up spending lots of money on different potions, creams and oils. One product which has grasped everyone’s attention today is Bio oil. It has grown so much in popularity as it can be implemented in your skin care regimen in so many ways.

1. Primer for makeup

You can either smooth on a bit of Bio oil before applying your foundation for a delicious and dewy glow to your skin. You can also just dab the oil to your cheekbones to get a pretty and highlighting sheen.

2. A transformer

You can use Bio oil to transform your powder or pigment eye shadow for a wet eye look. Or you can blend a small amount to your blusher or foundation for some color to look primped on your off days. Bio oil also makes blending on fast-drying cheeks and lip stains a breeze to handle. All this is possible because Bio oil does not spread as a makeup base.

3. Excellent facial moisturizer

It’s pretty safe using Bio oil on your face with its patented PurCellin Oil. All it takes is a split of a second for the oil to sink deep in to moisturizer your skin without leaving any oily residue. This is a plus point for those living in humid conditions! To top it, Bio oil contains vitamins A and E which help prevent wrinkles and witness an improvement in your uneven skin tone and blotchiness.

4. Before shave

Use oil as a pre-shave oil. Just slather it on before shaving to both soften your skin and prevent nicks.

5. Treat acne scars

As Bio oil is non-comedogenic, it can be used both as a spot treatment to lighten dark pimple marks and scars, and as a non-greasy moisturizer which helps balance combination skin. This in turn prevents any excessive dryness and irritation which acne products tend to trigger.

6. Fights the frizz

You can tame your flyaways and frizzy hair just by applying some Bio oil on dry hair ends to work as a hair serum.

7. Soother after a day in the sun

Not only does Bio oil work as a protective layer on your skin for holding on to moisture, its chamomile extract, calendula oil and rosemary oil help soothe and nurse your skin back to a healthy glow after your holiday in the sun.

8. Protects cuticles

All you need to do is massage the vitamin E-rich Bio oil into your cuticles so that they remain healthy and strong.

9. Great for a massage

Use Bio oil to not only smoothen your skin, but also to massage away the day’s tension. While Bio oil smoothens stretch marks, parched skin and insect-bite marks and even those elbows and knobbly knees, the scents of its rosemary, lavender and calendula oils help keep you Zen all the time.

With so many uses associated to Bio oil, it indeed is a must in anyone’s skin care regimen!