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Honey and how its used in skin care

Mother Nature has lots to offer us. It’s just that not everyone is aware of it. Take for example honey. This is a natural resource which is not only good for the body when consumed, it is also beneficial as a skin care product. In fact, it’s not only great for taking care of your everyday skin condition, it also treats various skin problems.

Honey used in skin care is not something new; it’s been widely used as a skin care product for centuries, proven by the fact that Cleopatra used to use honey and milk as a bath for youthful looking skin.

Honey and skin care

Honey is popularly used in skincare as a moisturizer and anti-irritant. It is also popularly used as a natural humectant wherein it easily attracts and retains moisture. It is this property of honey which makes it great for people who have oily skin as it keeps the skin moist without any oiliness.

Another reason honey is good as a skin care product is that it has an amazing shelf life wherein you can safely and easily preserve it for long periods of time. Honey is also extensively used in facial masks; in fact you can also make your own facial mask at home using honey as the main ingredient.

The other honey skin care techniques involve:

Using honey as a moisturizer

As honey is a humectant, it is extensively used in creams, shampoos, creams and conditioners. Not only does it effectively attract water, it also retains it. It’s when your skin loses its ability to retain moisture that it looks dry and has wrinkles. By using honey as a moisturizer, it helps prevent wrinkles and dryness and helps maintain skin suppleness and elasticity.

Using honey as an antioxidant

Honey is a great anti-oxidant which helps protect your skin from damage caused by ultraviolet sunrays. The overexposure of your skin to the UV light of the sun leads to skin damage, premature aging and even possible skin cancer. Moreover, as use of sun screen lotion can also lead to skin irritation researchers are studying the prospects of using more of honey in sunscreens.

Using honey in home remedies

Blend a peeled and cored apple with a tablespoon of honey in a food processor till smooth and apply the mixture to your face for 15 minutes and wash off.

Another home remedy involves mixing a tablespoon of honey and finely ground almonds with 2 tablespoons of dry oatmeal with some lemon juice or yogurt. Then apply the paste to your face and massage it in gently. Rinse off using warm water. This makes a great facial scrub.

You can also try adding quarter cup of honey to your hot bath water for silky and luscious skin.

Besides, honey has always been used as a natural remedy for burns, surgical incisions and for healing wounds. All this shows that honey and skin care goes a long way, and truly provides a natural skin care remedy.