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7 benefits of having oily skin

Fed up of carrying blotting paper wherever you go? Finding it difficult keeping your face neat and tidy with all the oil on it? Well, though oily skin can be troublesome to maintain, it does have its share of benefits. Yes, you will be surprised and perhaps delighted to learn that there are indeed some benefits to having oily skin!

1. Natural glow

Oily skin gives your face a natural glow without the need of any beauty products. So though you may think that a shiny T-zone is not so cute, there are many people out there who actually have to buy and use products to get this look which you naturally get!

2. Quicker tan

If you love a tanned body, you’ll be happy to know that oily skin tans more easily than other skin types. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to tan yourself, it just means that if you have oily skin, you can enjoy a more even tan than others with other skin types.

3. Soft skin

Of course, with the oil is the added softness it gives your skin. Over the years, oily skin makes your skin softer and more moisturized. So though you may find it tough handling your oily skin in your teens, you will be happy to know that you end up with suppler and softer skin when you are older, with a significant reduction in the frequency of acne breakouts.

4. Good camouflage

The fact that oily skin camouflages fine lines and wrinkles, and shows the signs of aging much slower than other skin types is another benefit worth noting!

5. Cheap skincare routine

Another benefit worth mentioning about oily skin is that it requires a cheap skincare routine for its maintenance. So even though you may find that its foundation may change color in the middle of the day, it’s much cheaper when compared to other skin types. This is mainly because if compared to other skin types, those with oily skin use 1or 2 relatively cheaper products.

6. Not much maintenance

Now you may wonder how and why it’s considered oily skin requires low maintenance. Well, it is true that your clogged pores and the constant need of reapplying makeup may not seem that low in maintenance to you, but if you compare this to other potential problems you may suffer from with other skin types, then the oily-skinned are luckier.

7. Added protection

Another benefit of oily skin is that it is very tough against the environmental elements. With oily skin, you are assured your skin can face all types of environments without getting much affected by it. The main reason oily skin can laugh at the wind and sun is because your skin is thick and moist enough to handle whatever the earth dishes out.

So taking a look at these 7 benefits, though it is rather annoying and frustrating to have oily skin, instead of flustering about this, you need to consider and realize there is a good side to it too!