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Glycolic acid products worth trying out

It’s every woman’s dream to have soft and glowing skin which is free of blemishes. However not everyone is blessed with it. Many suffer from skin problems like acne, dry or oily skin, psoriasis, scars or eczema and are always looking for some treatment from all these problems. Well, there now is help through a daily skin care regime using glycolic acid products.

As the name suggests, these products contain glycolic acid, a natural chemical compound extracted from common fruits like cantaloupe, pineapple and unripe grapes. Glycolic acid offers phenomenal benefits through its antioxidants and elastin and resurfacing stimulating properties. This is why glycolic acid products can be used for treating skin problems like fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, pigmentation problems and melisma.

While there are many skin products containing glycolic acid, here are the three top used in skin care applications.

1. Facial creams- They can be applied every day with a glycolic acid moisturizer and toner for great skin in a short span of time. The benefit of this cream over its competition is that it can break all the chemical bonds which bind the old facial skin and in the process, speed up the rejuvenation process to give you deeply reinvigorated skin cells in problem areas.

2. Moisturizers- These moisturizers are relatively new if compared to regular moisturizing creams. They use natural acid extracts from various common fruits for deep cleansing of your skin and pores.

Regular use of glycolic acid moisturizers lead to various skin benefits like slowing down the skin’s aging process, regulating your body’s skin cell hydration levels and creating a protective layer which maintains the skin’s natural pH levels.
3. Toners- These toners complement your regular facial wash or scrub well to help you skin maintain its pH balance. This is important as it’s when the pH level of your skin wavers from the normal range of 4.5 to 6 that skin problems occur.

If the pH level is above the normal arrange, it means your skin is oily and if it is lower than the normal range, it means your skin is dry. With a glycolic toner, you will be able to regulate your body’s natural pH levels to get fresh and glowing skin you will always be proud of.