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Get rid of those unsightly stretch marks with bio oil

As the name implies, stretch marks develop when the skin stretches due to excess weight, pregnancy and bodybuilding. This can grow unsightly, and is the reason why people with stretch marks are always looking for something which can help remove these marks.

There is one such product today, bio oil, which helps drastically reduce the prominence of the stretch marks so that they blend in with the surrounding areas to slowly disappear. This thus makes the stretch marks less noticeable. Bio oil not only helps remove stretch marks, but also any teenage acne or scars you want to get rid of.

As bio oil gives different results on different people based on their skin type and the scar to be treated, it may work better for some than others. This is why to reap maximum benefits of the oil, you need to consistently and diligently apply it twice a day for at least 3 months.

Bio oil is a mixture of the essential oils lavender, calendula, rosemary and chamomile oils, which are all gentle on the skin. Its vitamins A and E help provide anti-toxins and re-growth of the skin cells.

How the oil works

Bio oil produces a visible difference in your skin tone as it hydrates the skin. Moreover, constant massaging of your skin with bio oil and its added vitamins help in the growth of fresh, new skin. In fact, by massaging your skin, you make it healthier and helps your skin cope with the skin cell growth during pregnancy and while being a body builder. So if you start applying the oil from the early pregnancy stages, you can prevent the formation of stretch marks in the first place.

Don’t think that bio oil will give you instant relief and respite from stretch marks. You will notice some reduction and changes in the redness around stretch marks only after a few weeks of regular use.

If you use them on scar marks, you will notice a slow but sure lightening of the skin color and smoothness after a few weeks’ use. You get similar results with acne scars where bio oil helps smoothen out the skin so that it easily and naturally blends in with the surrounding areas.

So in a nutshell, though bio oil may not completely eradicate your scars and stretch marks, it does help reduce its presence. This in turn helps you look good, and also makes you feel good about yourself!